Student Lotte from Linden collects money for ZIL cats

At the beginning of April, the ZIL board received a nice email from a mother in Linden asking if her daughter Lotte could participate in a feeding event for wild stray cats on the occasion of her final project in the sixth grade. During the feeding event, the daughter also wanted to interview ZIL volunteers and make a video.

Raise awareness among youngsters

Raise awareness among youngsters Zwerfkat in Le(u)ven also raises awareness as a non-profit organisation in the social sector Two weeks ago we accepted a request for an internship of a clever young lady from Wijgmaal. She is in the fourth year of the Steinerschool De Zonnewijzer and her internship in the healthcare sector was cancelled […]

A call for alertness

A call for alertness In the coming days the temperatures are going to drop below zero. May we ask you all to watch out in the streets or in your garden that there are no stray cats that get into trouble because of this. Many cats have shelters somewhere, but not all.  If you spot a […]