There is a special emergency telephone where you can report cats in need or kittens, please leave your message on the answering machine.

This is not a phone number for adoption requests and other questions, they will be ignored. 

Call 0499 75 41 11 to report a cat.

It is very important to be sure to tell us the following things

  1. Location (Street + No.) where you saw the cat
  2. What the cat looks like (color, size, special features such as white paws or no tail)
  3. The cat looks injured: too thin to be healthy, festering wounds, broken legs etc. This is very important to us
  4. For kittens, an estimate of the age is also very important, you can find herewith an overview of different ages and characteristics
  5. Who you are: Name + mobile number so that we can contact you for more questions.

Based on these descriptions, we determine whether it is urgent or not. Keep in mind that we decide when and how quickly we (can) respond.  That is why the above points are very important. We also do not handle reports in the evening after 7 pm, unless otherwise agreed with the reporter or urgent matters.