I will become a regular godmother / godfather of Schanul

From: 10.00 / month


Good day dear people,

Schanul  here. With my 21 years everything is not so smooth anymore. A few weeks ago I ended up in the shelter of the lovely people of Zwerfkat in Le(u)ven. I was in pretty bad shape. With the intense and warm care of my foster family, I recovered.

Due to my very elderly age, the ZIL team has decided not to have me adopted anymore, but to place me permanently with a special ZIL foster family that has experience with senior cats. They have already promised to pamper me seriously.

And now I can also look for several permanent godmothers and godfathers who want to sponsor me on a monthly basis . In return, they regularly receive a personal update by e-mail about how I am doing and a meter or godfather certificate. If you want to become one of my permanent godmothers or godparents, click the Subscribe button.

Big hugs from  Schanul


I will become a regular godmother / godfather of Schanul

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