Enrich your cat’s (outdoor) life by installing a Catio or creating a Cat-friendly Garden

After the winter and the recent April whims, our cats are finally able to enjoy a bit of fresh air in their (un)covered garden, on the balcony or in their catio (another word for a screened cat porch according to the hip internet community).
Homebirds also like to have a breath of fresh air
A covered or uncovered garden, balcony or catio are a huge enrichment for indoor tigers. And when we mention indoor tigers, we think of for instance purebred cats, aids cats or cats of which the owners would have the fear of their lives if their beloved cat would walk outside near a busy road.
Install the cover yourself or have it installed by a professional

The handy Harry’s or Henriette’s among us can create their own cover with the aid of a transparent cat protection or safety net. Others prefer the support from professionals like the people from https://www.kattenren.com/ to install a solid custom made catio. All budgets considered.

(c) Catio by kattenren.com
(c) Catio by kattenren.com
Make a real cat paradise from your catio!

Extra living space outdoors is extremely important for a cat. All of those new smells, an extension of their territory and extra space where they can spend their energy.

After the installation of the catio, you can really go all out in furnishing it. Provide many opportunities for your cat to drink, to scratch, a litter box, hiding spots, lookouts and many lying spots. You can, for example, make a bed from real (cat) grass, or you can decorate it with climbing poles for your fluffy acrobats.
Basic tips for a cat-friendly garden

In order to furnish your garden in a cat-friendly way, you might want to inform yourself regarding the choice of plants. Avoid lilies, tulips, amaryllises or rhododendron as they can be deadly for your cat. The smell of catnip, valerian, spearmint and grass lily, on the other hand, are a good choice. Cat grass is nice for the cat to nibble on as it helps against hairballs and is full of folic acid which cats need.

Chemical pesticides are not a good idea if you have pets that prefer to be outside most of the time. In this case, you should better choose natural remedies, which are in fact better for your garden as well.

Climbing, jumping and scratching… Cats are active animals. Make sure you give them enough room to play in the garden. Also provide them with a spot in the shadow where they are able to rest, and some loose sand where they are able to relieve themselves.

And? Are those creative fingers of yours starting to itch already? What are you waiting for… Go go go!!!