Fundraiser for our young girl in need of help Stella

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A week ago Stella arrived in our shelter.

Stella was hit by a car and luckily was taken immediately to a vet’s office by people who cared for her.

She was at the time carring two babies in her tummy who hadn’t survived the accident and Stella’s uterus was bleeding.

During the Easter weekend a surgeon operated her urgently and removed her uterus. That problem was solved quite quickly.


But… The following days Stella was not using her hind legs.

Luckily nothing was broken. Peeing and defecating wasn’t possible either. But Stella is a strong young lady and bit by bit the feeling in her hind legs came back. Stella was able to leave the urgency unit at the vet’s and started revalidation at one of our foster families.

In the meantime she walks about and uses her cat litterbox well. Only her right hint leg has a mind of its own for now. By the way, Stella prefers to lie on her foster mum’s lap. And when mum doesn’t stay seated, Stella happily follows her around. But that would be a lot easier if she had 4 working legs of course!

To help restore the nerves in her right hint leg, Stella will be needing several specialised treatments. Acupuncture and laser treatments will enhance the recovery of the nerves. Because every life counts. And we will go all the way for that

So we are very much in need of your support now for Stella, because apart from the invoice for the urgent surgery during the Easter weekend, several invoices will await us in the upcoming weeks for Stella’s revalidation treatments to restore her health completely so we can find her a warm home in the near future.

Our young girl in need is so sweet and wants to move forward. Please have a look at the small video!

We will keep everyone posted regularly on our Facebook page in the upcoming weeks during the

revalidation of Stella. Help us please.