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Tame found cats are checked for a chip with us and are placed in temporary shelter. If the cat has a chip, the owner will be contacted immediately by us and the cat will be returned to the owner, provided the chip details are of course still in order. If a cat does not have a chip and the owner does not report within the waiting period of 15 days, the kitten will be put up for adoption after it has been legally put in order.

Shy kittens or adult cats that can still be tamed are also taken into care and are legally put in order and socialized before they are put up for adoption.

Feral kittens that can no longer settle in a domestic environment because of their shy and fearful nature, receive a full medical check-up, are spayed/neutered, dewormed and flead and then placed back in the trap unless it is not safe there (e.g. construction site ). If stray cats are taken away and don't return to their old habitat, the empty space will quickly be taken by feral cats from elsewhere and everything starts from scratch. After relocation, we ensure that they receive food and shelters if the reporter cannot provide this himself.

We have a no-kill policy . That means we spare no expense or effort to rescue a cat. Euthanasia will only be carried out in consultation with the vet if the animal is terminal and is suffering badly.

PAY ATTENTION: kittens born outside feral from 6 weeks, so it is important that you report them as soon as they start walking around and not until they are older.
With very small kittens, pay attention to whether the mother is still nearby and do not touch the kittens because then the mama cat will move them and you will only find them when they are feral and actively walking around. So contact us immediately so that we can assess the situation.

If the cat(s) are not in Leuven, Kessel-Lo, Heverlee, Wijgmaal or Wilsele, contact the municipality or local police of the municipality where the cat is located.
They will refer you to the shelter or shelter designated by them to assist you further.

Taartenactie €12

Om centjes in het laatje te brengen net voor het kittenseizoen goed en wel van start gaat, zullen we de komende weken online taarten verkopen ten voordele van onze opvangertjes. Jullie kunnen vanaf nu de taarten bestellen via onze webwinkel met beveiligde online betaling en kiezen voor één van onze 12 afhaalpunten in:

Werchter, Rotselaar, Begijnendijk, Tielt-Winge, Nossegem, Herent, Kessel-Lo, Heverlee, Lovenjoel (Bierbeek), Wijgmaal, Wilsele en Egenhoven

Er is keuze tussen rijsttaart, abrikozentaart, suikertaart, kreemtaart, kersentaart of Breugeltaart (met appel) voor de schappelijke prijs van 12 euro. Of weet je wat, neem er één van elk als je niet kan kiezen. Hopla!