2 Deliciouzzz Browneezzz for ZIL Kittiezzz


Package of 2 delicious Browneezzz baked by our in-house patissier Emma.

Product information

Are you looking for a nice gift for the teacher of your child at the end of the school year? Or would you like to support your currently hard working student by leaving a sweet surprise on his or her desk ? Or is it high time to offer yourself a sweet delicacy choke-full of chocolat? But of course, why not! You deserve it!

With your purchase of aDeliciouzzz Browneezzz for ZIL Kittiezzz package of 2 Browneezzz you support a hardworking local good cause that is currentlyoverrun by expecting mum cats and kittens that need our support to grow up as brave cats that appreciate the presence of humans.

Pick-up point

Support us by ordering between now and 20 June your Deliciouzzz Browneezzz for ZIL Kittiezzz package online and come over on Saturday 25 June to pick up your order at our cat food collection stand at theDelhaize supermarket in Heverlee between 14h. and 18h.. in the afternoon. Easy peasy!

Simply combine your order pick-up with your weekly purchases in the supermarket or just come by for a quick chat. Our cat food collection stand is outside on the parking lot of the supermarket. So you do not have to go into the supermarket to pick-up your Browneezzz.