The Kat-ootje gift voucher


Offer someone a Kat-ootje gift voucher. The most fun gift for true Cat lovers, young and old.

Are you looking for an original, heartwarming gift for someone who is totally crazy about cats? Are you kitten me? Don’t look any further! We have the purrrrfect solution for you.

Offer a godmother- or godfathership of one of our shelter cats to a loved one! Enthusiastic already? Then have a look below for more info…

Immediately after your order a gift voucher with a unique code will be sent to your e-mail address. So you can purchase your gift shortly before you leave to a birthday party, Valentine’s date, on Mother’s or Father’s Day, to granny or grandad, to a Christmas party or on the last schoolday of your child for the teacher.

You put the print of your gift voucher in an envelope and off you go! It will be a success for sure!

Huh? And how does that work exactly? A Kat-ootje gift voucher?

Well, by giving a gift voucher of 15 euros you offer a godmother- or godfathership of one of our shelter cats to someone else. The voucher contains a unique code that has to be activated by the receiver. When activating, the receiver of the Kat-ootje has to mention a chosen name. This name will be given to a cat residing in our shelter. After that, the godmother or godfather will be able to follow his or her godkitten weekly online by photos and videos posted by the foster family. That’s how it works!