Working and medical costs always run high for our cats. Costs easily rise up to €80.000 annually. Luckily we are supported by the city of Leuven as well. And we are so thankful for that.

For the rest of the funds we depend on your support. All materials and food needed for our cats costs pockets full of money, like for instance the food given daily to approximately 200 wild cats who are monitored in the streets of Leuven by our Beloved Feline Feeders.

Support our volunteers by clicking here below on the button “I want to donate”.

By the way, donated amounts starting from 40€ are tax deductible.

The whole Zwerfkat in Le(u)ven team cannot thank you enough!

Direct deposts are also possible: KBC BE.14.7340.4984.6083


Shop for our fluffies from the comfort of your couch!
Do you ever like to buy a gift for our babies, but you don’t know what to choose? We understand that. Therefore, at the request of our ZIL kitties, we have now created a wish list at Amazon according to their needs.

No more doubts, we serve you everything on a platter. All you have to do is click a few buttons

So shop to your heart’s content by clicking on the button below. This way you can be sure that you are making a donation that really matters and that our shelters are in need of at this time. Kitten season is upon us, so we are especially in need of food and materials for the little ones.

And the icing on the cake is… you don’t even have to get up from your chair. You don’t have to pick up the gift anywhere or anything. Amazon delivers your gift directly to our cats. Easy peasy!


On all online purchases you make for yourself on Amazon using the button below, we get a small percentage.

It costs you nothing.

The Amazon store has a gigantic assortment.


Stray Cat in Le(u)ven offers three types of membership :

Bronze member: 25 euro. You become godfather or godmother of 1 cat, of which you can choose the name yourself
Silver member: 50 euro. You become godfather or godmother of 2 cats, of which you can choose the name yourself
Golden member: 75 euro You become godfather or godmother of 3 cats, of which you can choose the name yourself

Become a member by pressing the button below. Once we receive payment you are a member for a full year


We can use a lot of material or give it a new life, if it is in good condition and clean . Of course, we want to avoid the risk of contamination at all costs. Therefore, we ask that the materials you wish to donate be washable. Toy mice, scratching posts,… do not belong to this category.

An overview of what we need:

  • Food: a lot of places in Leuven have feeding parents who will be enormously grateful for every bag or jar of food you donate.
  • Cat gear: cat litter, airplane-safe transport baskets, food bowls,…
  • Medication: any cat medication that is unopened and not yet expired can certainly be used. Examples include deworming products (Milbemax, Milbactor, Profender,…) or products against fleas and ticks (Stronghold, Stronghold plus), but also products prescribed or recommended by a veterinarian such as antibiotics, eye drops, eye ointments, products against diarrhea,…
  • Other grooming supplies: iron dog benches, heat lamps, heat mats (snuggle safe), cooling mats, disinfectant hand gel, pamper cloths, latex gloves, disposable shoe covers,…

Do you have any materials for us? Or do you doubt whether something is still usable? Then contact us at to discuss further.

Include ZIL in your testament

Have you thought about your inheritance yet? Would you like to include a charity in your will?

Well, then you can choose Stray Cat in Le(u)ven as a beneficiary through a duo-legacy. This is a formula where your heirs and Stray Cat in Le(u)ven both benefit. So everyone wins, except the state treasury. After all, inheritance tax rates are lower when paid by a charity.

Proper wording is crucial, so get proper guidance on this from a notary or other specialist. Know that there is a difference between a classic and a reverse duo-legacy. Tax-wise, the result will be the same, but with the second option, you avoid giving the charity ownership of your entire estate in the first place.

Shop online

Want to purchase something online? Then you can support our kitties with 1 extra mouse click from the comfort of your couch, and without even spending one cent extra!

How does this work?

Very simple! Through our website, click on the banner of, and then proceed to the trusted webshop where you want to order something. For every purchase you make in this way, a percentage goes to Stray Cat in Le(u)ven. So, a win-win situation! The list of participating online shops is too long to list here, but includes many familiar names such as, Zalando, Coolblue,, … and for pet lovers also Medpets.

Do you sometimes order your pet’s favorite toys or delicious food or other items through the webshop Zooplus? Then you can proceed the same way: click on the Zooplus banner on our website, and then place your order. This way you also support Stray Cat in Le(u)ven, because we also receive a percentage of your purchase amount on our account.


Shop online and support OUR ASSOCIATION without paying one Euro extra? Meet TROOPER. Surf from now on to your favorite webshops like Coolblue, Collishop, and many others through One percent of your purchase goes straight to our funds.


Need something for your pets? Zoo Plus is guaranteed to have it. And by clicking on the banner below, we get a percent on your purchases. All without costing you more. Isn’t that convenient?


You can also order now through BOL.COM and give a percent to us at the same time. And it doesn’t cost you anything extra at all. Just pass through our website first and press the button below. That’s all

Sponsor as a company

Would you like to make a business commitment to the animals, giving us the opportunity to help even more cats? That’s possible! We have worked out 5 different sponsorship packages, more explanations about this and about our operation can be found in our sponsorship file.

In exchange for sponsorship, we offer to advertise your business on our website and social media, in our newsletters and at our events.

Interested in working together? Or do you have your own proposal that doesn’t quite fit into one of the sponsorship packages? Please do not hesitate to contact us at

Donate Time

Stray Cat in Le(u)ven runs 100% on volunteers. Any help, no matter how small, is more than welcome. If you would also like to lend a hand as a volunteer, take a quick look at what you can do for us by clicking the button below. 

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Follow us, like our page, share our posts with your friends, and above all, don’t hesitate to comment if you would like to help us. Referring potentially interested parties to our page is of course also allowed.