Found a tame cat?

Step 1:
Try to take a picture of the found cat.

Step 2:
Join the group “Gevonden katten Vlaams- Brabant (B)” on Facebook. There you reach hundreds of people immediately.

Step 3:
Once you join the group, post a message with the following information:

    • Date of discovery
    • Street + if possible house number + Municipality where the cat was found
    • Gender of the cat
    • Sterilized or Castrated
    • Chipped and possibly the number
    • Additional features typical of the cat, such as “black spot under eyes” or “missing tail

Also include whether you took it to the vet, notified the police or a shelter and took the cat in.

Step 4:
Also report it on the website

Always put an update, in or below the message, if the owner has been found, if the animal has gone to a shelter or the police so that the message is not shared further and it can be deleted or delete the message yourself.

Some additional tips if you have found a cat

  • Notify the police of the municipality where you found the cat
    This is legally required  since 1986! Maybe the owner is looking and they can reunite the cat and owner right away. The police also have a chip reader or can put you in touch with a shelter they work with. So never just keep a cat yourself, you are legally obliged to report it and have it checked for a chip anyway, this can also be done at a vet.
  • You can also contact a shelter near you.
    They can check the animal for a chip and will take it into care if it does not have a chip or they will refer you to the appropriate services. Shelters are also required to report to the municipality that a cat was found.
  • Do you keep the cat yourself
    Realize that there are legal obligations if the owner is not found after 45 days. In fact, you have to chip and neuter the cat at your expense after that period.