The life-saving daily task of Feline Feeders


ZIL likes to regularly emphasize the importance of the life-saving daily task of all 32 beloved feline feeders who take care of the 200 stray cats in Leuven under all weather conditions. 

Did you know that these beloved feline feeders have a food coordinator at ZIL who ensures a monthly availability of 1000 kg cat food? Our food coordinator is a Beloved Feline Feeder as well who knows all the other Beloved Feline Feeders personally. Being the point of contact for everyone, she receives all notifications. Who feeds where. She is also the single point of contact for the Beloved Feline Feeders. That is so important. As Beloved Feline Feeders are sometimes able to notice a change. A new stray cat, a cat that no longer comes over to eat. A mother cat with a new litter and so on. If a change has been noticed, the ZIL food coordinator will contact the ZIL catch coordinator who is able to check out what is going on, evaluate the situation, and take action if necessary. Did you also know that the ZIL catch coordinator knows practically all stray cats by heart and has given them a name? Aren’t they amazing, our ZIL ladies?

We are very proud of our well-oiled operations that have been going on for years. An harmonious group of volunteers that each have a heart of gold. It is because of them that we are able to make a difference, and help the local police force in enforcing a correct stray cat policy. By the way, yesterday the city of Leuven and the police published a news article regarding the new feline feeder badges, and the do’s and don’ts of feeding stray cats.