Zwerfkat in Le(u)ven runs solely on volunteers. Do you like cats? Then you can contribute:

  • Become a foster parent (read our blog on foster parents)
  • Help us with catch activities (look at a movie of a catch action)
  • Inform others
    • At sales booths
    • During fundraisers
  • Persuade people to make a donation
  • Drive your car
    • with a sick animal to the vet
    • to pick up a reported animal in need
    • To collect donations
  • Roll up your sleeves
    • help build and break down our booths
    • on our food days and events
    • repair our catch cages

As volunteer ...

  • you are at least 18 years old
  • you can work independently
  • you do not get paid, because you are a volunteer
  • you have a lot of love and patience
  • you make a realistic estimation of your time and possibilities.

As you can see, every volunteer can find a suitable task and every task completed is a step forward!

We insure you during your volunteer work (legal aid, physical accidents and civil liability).

In exchange for your efforts, you will receive our eternal gratitude and the unconditional love of all the rejected and neglected suckers who, thanks to you, get a chance again. After all, all animals have the right to be happy in the best living conditions. And that’s what we do it for, isn’t it? Thank you very much!