What should you do if your cat is missing?

  • Step 1: Find 1 or preferably 2 nice pictures of your cat

  • Step 2: Join the group “Vermiste katten Vlaams- Brabant (B)” on Facebook. There you reach hundreds of people immediately.

  • Step 3:
    Once you join the group, post a message with the following information:

      • Name owner
      • Phone number
      • Email
      • Name cat
      • Date of missing
      • Street + if possible house number + Municipality
      • Gender of the cat
      • Sterilized/Castrated
      • Chipped or not?
      • Date of birth of the cat
      • Additional features typical of your cat, such as a-typical coloration or other characteristics.

    Also include whether you have notified the police or a shelter

  • Step 4:
    Also report it on the website https://www.vermistekatten.be/invulformulier/

Always put an update, in or below the message, if the owner has been found, if the animal has gone to a shelter or the police so that the message is not shared further and it can be deleted or delete the message yourself.

Some additional tips if your cat is missing

  • Not all missing cats are really missing.
    Cats like to hide in the most impossible places. Especially if they are scared or hurt. Therefore, search thoroughly in your home and garden. And definitely don’t forget the smallest spaces. Bring some of the most fragrant cat food. Perhaps he/she will come to that.
  • If you don’t find them in your own home and garden, contact your neighbors and search their homes and gardens.
    Think about where your cat likes to go and the route she takes to go there. Make sure you always have a recent photo and also ask your neighbors to watch out with you.
  • Also, put some of her favorite food and water outside your door. Just before bedtime, go outside and call his/her name several times. It is well known that cats are more active at night.
  • Also, make a poster that has a picture of your cat on it and hang it in your neighborhood.
    Preferably with 2 pictures: one with the face and one of the full cat. Put in big letters on top: “CAT MISSING”. Under it put your cat’s name, some special features such as wearing a collar or certain markings in the fur, your contact information (phone, email). It’s better to not put your address and your name on it. Maybe you could put the posters in plastic folders so they don’t get wet. Then involve the whole family to hang up as many as possible in the neighborhood.
  • If you’ve only recently moved, you’ll need to do all of this in your old neighborhood as well

And don’t give up. Many cats return on their own after a few weeks or months.