Student Lotte from Linden collects money for ZIL cats

At the beginning of April, the ZIL board received a nice email from a mother in Linden asking if her daughter Lotte could participate in a feeding event for wild stray cats on the occasion of her final project in the sixth grade. During the feeding event, the daughter also wanted to interview ZIL volunteers and make a video. The crowning glory of Lotte’s final project was a PowerPoint presentation with all sorts of facts about ZIL and the stray cats to show in class. For this, she needed information and images. And oh yes, as icing on the cake Lotte had also organized a fundraiser for our cats by selling Easter eggs and sweets in self-filled bags to friends and acquaintances. Of course, Lotte wanted to hand over the profits of her fundraiser to ZIL herself. 60 euros actually. Wowsie! That is not something we experience every day. And yes, ZIL would not be ZIL if we did not go along with such a great project!

VIP guests from Linden

And so last week we were visited by our young heroine from Linden. Lotte proudly handed over the money to our volunteers An and Ilse who received her with open arms, together with her mother Mie. Lotte and her mother received an explanation about our organization from the ZIL ladies. Then they were taken on a feeding tour. And as it is with real heroines, Lotte did so with gusto.

Here is the video. By the way, if you have ever wondered how exactly the ZIL cat trapping cages work, then you should listen carefully to ZIL volunteer Ilse who explains it all in detail.

And where does Lotte’s great love for stray cats come from?

Lotte’s mum Mie is happy to explain. Three years ago the family adopted two ZIL cats, Anna and Winty. The whole family has been very attached to the fluffies ever since. Especially cat Winty is Lotte’s soulmate. When Lotte is not feeling well or gets upset about something, she finds peace with Winty. Big love, so to speak. Actually, Lotte is crazy about all cats and she wants to choose the right course in high school and she would love to do animal care. Her big dream is to have her own cat pension one day. What a wonderful wild dream, Lotte!

Lotte and her two (former) ZIL cats

What a joy it was

After the tour, Lotte’s mum Mie also let us know that Lotte had thoroughly enjoyed the tour and the feeding round with the ZIL volunteers. That she learned so much more. Together with her mum, she also follows all the information that ZIL publishes on its website and Facebook page. Great!

A successful combination, youngsters and stray cat management
ZIL makes an effort to make our youngsters enthusiastic about the stray cat policy in the city of Leuven. They make animal welfare discussable in class, with their friends, and also at home. They are immensely important within our society and give stray cats the attention they deserve. By taking an interest in them, thinking about them, and taking care of them. And that is why, Lotte, you are a real hero to us. You can start that cat pension in Leuven later on. You’ll do great.
Lotte, mother Mie, Ilse and An